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Why is Design So Expensive

Many businesses and organizations have run it to it at some point. You get to a point in your journey, where you want to be taken seriously, so you seek out branding and design experts, only to be hit with frustrating costs, that seem unrealistic. Why does design have to be so expensive? 

Well the truth is, you can find plenty of designers that are very cheap. Some are even actually pretty good. Some are also very sketchy. Some use art that does not belong to them. While utilizing a cheap designer is much more affordable than an established designer or company. It becomes a risk. 

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Attention Gamers, Clans and Teams: Now Is The Time To Revamp

With the launch of Black Ops 4 right around the corner and the confirmed implementation of clans and teams... NOW is the time to get back in the game! As a pretty serious gamer myself, I know the struggle clans have faced over the last few years with clans being left to fend for themselves. Many of you evolved and continued your journey, but a lot dwindled down to nothing. Well its resurrection time. With the announcement that BO4 will be supporting clans, its gametime!

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The Importance of Securing Your Websites Connection

HTTP NOT SECUREToday we are going to be talking about securing the connection to your website, and why it is important that you do so as soon as possible. I recently caused a bit of a stir, in the information security community, with my opinion on https and the recent push being initiated by Google, which will be followed by other browsers soon.

While my opinion remained, I did change my thoughts on the importance of HTTPS and even took two minutes to move forward with securing my own website connection. That's right it took about two minutes maybe less, it was literally 3 clicks from cPanel.

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SSL/TLS Pushers Strike Back

In an earlier blog I spoke of my disapproval for the way Google will be flagging websites that are not on SSL/TLS connections. In summary, any website that uses "http" instead of "https" will be flagged and marked with a notice that states the websites connection is not secure. Well that post got some attention on Twitter. 

Before I get into all of the good stuff.. Let me make some things clear. I am not an expert in information security. I am not an expert in web security. I know a little more than the basics, but I am by no means an expert. I specialize in branding and design. I did make some statements in my previous blog that are not 100% accurate, and after this post, I will correct them. However the purpose of my blog was not to educate, it was to voice an opinion. That opinion has not changed. I do believe the way Google is pushing this https issue is misleading. Now here is what went down...

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Google Chrome will start marking most websites insecure come July

UPDATE 7-1-18: After quite an uprising on my Twitter post. I have come to realize some of these statemnts are not 100% accurate. I will be marking this page up accordingly to reflect and correct those wrongs. My opinion that this push for HTTPS is misleading, still remains.

Google, in an effort to force websites to obtain SSL certificates, will be marking website connections without them as "insecure" on the Google Chrome browser. But is this true? Are websites without SSL certificates insecure?

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Partnership With Unreal Nightmare Gaming

We are happy to announce our new Partnership with the amazing esports team, Unreal Nightmare. We will provide all of UrNm's graphics for tournameants, social media branding and more. We have worked with UrNm many times in the past and are excited to embark on this new journey together. To all the gamers out there, give these guys a follow and keep your eyes open as they take esports by storm!

Branding Packages Available For A Limited Time

If you are looking for some simple branding packages, we've got you covered! The packages below not only offer a simple solution for any business in need of the basics in branding, they also save you money! If you require a more extensive branding approach, you can still contact us via our request a quote page, for a fully customizable quote based on your needs, unfortunately you will miss out on the savings offered in the preset packages below, but we understand that some businesses require special attention and care.

The packages below are the basics for branding. Even the "complete branding package" is not a total branding solution, but it does cover the basics. If you are looking for the complete branding experience I would suggest contacting us for a custom quote, but if you simply need a quick option to cover the basics, at a very fair price, these packages should suffice.

If you decide to order one of our packages, please follow up with an email to discuss your branding.

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