Skilled Graphics specializes in branding design.. this includes but is not limited to:

  • Name Consultation

Skilled Graphics will help you come up with a memorable name that will represent your business to you patrons. This requires hours of research and a strategic brainstorming process to ensure that your business name has an effective impact on potential customers. 

  • Logo Design

One of the most important elements of your brand is you logo. Your logo is a visual representation of your business. An effective logo, can mean all the difference. Its one of the main factors in successful marketing and business professionalism.

Skilled Graphics will design your logo in several phases. Consult client/gather information > Initial research > Proposal > Further Research > Conceptualizing > Rendering > Presentation > Revisions > Delivery.

Skilled Graphics understands the importance of a businesses logo. You can be confident that we will design the perfect logo to suit your business.

  • Stationary Design

In keeping the brand consistent and professional it is a good idea to show your branding on all of your stationary items that will be used every day. This includes things like business cards, letterhead, envelopes, post-it notes, etc.. Skilled Graphics can create quality designs for all of your stationary needs.

  • Website Design

A business isn't complete without representation in the cloud. Skilled Graphics can create an amazing website that will connect you with the millions of people that search the web every day.


  • Social Media Design

Now that we are in the cloud its time to reach out to all of those potential customers on social networks like Twitter and Facebook! Skilled Graphics can create or re-design your social presence.


This is just some of the more common elements of branding.. there is much more that can be done, such as signage, apparel, and more. We are happy to help you with any of your brand needs.

"I worked with Dennis briefly and he was responsive and professional. I would gladly work with him again."

Brad Traversy Owner at Tech Guy Web Solutions